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We are pleased to announce that Thomas Crosby has accepted the position of choir director on a trial basis through Dec. 31. Tom has served on per diem basis both at the beginning of the year and in recent weeks. He has also been organizing choir materials on a volunteer basis under Fr. Joshua’s guidance. As choir director, Tom will continue to lead on Sundays and feast days, but also work with the choir to find creative ways to rehearse and encourage one another over the weeks. Tom can be reached by phone (475-201-6322) or email: .

The Choir Director of SS. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church is the manager of the Choir under the direction of the Parish Priest and the Parish Council. This work is at the heart of the worship of our Church, and calls for personal commitment to Orthodox faith and worship, regular participation in the Holy Mysteries, and a common “vision of the Church as the presence in this world of the Kingdom of God” (from the Guidelines for Choir Directors of the Diocese of New England, below). Under the guidance and final responsibility of the Parish Priest, the Choir Director builds up the Choir and encourages the Parish to celebrate and understand the hymnography of our services. 

The Choir Director has the following chief responsibilities:

    1. Accept and follow liturgical decisions of the Parish Priest;
    2. Promote unity of mind, heart, and spirit within the Choir and the Parish;
    3. Direct the Choir according to the standard established with the Parish Priest and Parish Council;
    4. Hold rehearsals on a regular basis;
    5. Organize and maintain all choir material;
    6. Teach the Parish children liturgical music;
    7. Work in conjunction with the Parish Priest to recruit and train readers;
    8. With the blessing of the Priest, train and prepare alternate directors; and
    9. Notify the Priest when unable to fulfill responsibilities for a service, and arrange a substitute with his blessing.

A person seeking to be Choir Director should have the following qualifications:

  • Being a faithful Orthodox Christian above reproach, either currently a communicant member of the Parish or willing to transfer to our Parish;
  • Ability to work well with others, characterized by love, patience, encouragement, and mutual respect;
  • Basic knowledge of the dogmas and teachings of the Orthodox Church;
  • Sufficient musical training and ability to train, rehearse and lead the Choir;
  • Familiarity with Orthodox liturgical services;
  • Willingness to develop these skills and insights over time, in coordination with the Parish Priest and supported by the Parish Council.
  • Commitment and flexibility to participate in a variety of liturgical services, as negotiated in advance with the Parish Council.

These qualifications are in rough order of priority. The first two are essential, and the rest are necessary to serve effectively. The Parish commits to assist the ongoing development of the skills of the Choir Director.

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Saturday, June 19th
5:00 Great Vespers, followed by Confessions
Sunday, June 20th
9:30 Divine Liturgy, shared online
“Kneeling Vespers” of Pentecost follows

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