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We will observe Thanksgiving Day with the Akathist Service, “Glory to God for all things,” on Thurs., Nov. 24, at 10 AM. This simple yet profound service is not long, but it does give thanks for every aspect of creation. Consider making it part of your own Thanksgiving.

From “Glory to God for All Things”:

Lord, how good it is to be your guest! The delicately scented wind, the mountains stretching to the sky, the waters reflecting like infinite mirrors, the golden rays of sun, the airiness of clouds: all nature secretly whispers, full of tenderness, and even the birds and beasts bear the mark of your love. Blessed is mother earth with her
transient beauty, longing for the homeland which is eternal and where an imperishable beauty rings out.

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Tuesday, March 28th
6:00 A Foundation in Orthodox Christianity, via Zoom
Session 5: Church History Over-Simplified
Wednesday, March 29th
8:15 Morning Worship
6:00 Liturgy of Pre-Sanctified Gifts
Supper follows

Saints Peter & Paul Orthodox Church
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