Online Learning: a Foundation in Orthodox Christianity

We have begun a ten-part online series, “A Foundation in Orthodox Christianity.” We meet via Zoom on Thursday evenings twice a month, starting with prayer at 6:30. Each session will start with a presentation aimed at an introductory level, and will have an opportunity for discussion. The current schedule is laid out below. All are welcome! 

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Planned Schedule
  • Jan 11—1. I am the Way
  • Jan 25—2. I believe in one God
  • Feb 15—3. Jesus shows us how to be human
  • Feb 29—4. How to read the Bible
  • Mar 14—5. Church history over-simplified
  • Mar 28—6. Worship in time and space
  • April 11—7. Holy Mysteries
  • April 25—8. Personal Holiness
  • May 30—9. Loving and Leaving the World
  • June 6—10. Last Thoughts
Further Considerations
If you are hoping to be received into the Orthodox Faith this year, please make a very serious effort to follow all these sessions, ideally participating on the day. They will be recorded and shared afterward for those who miss a session, though. 
(Some have already gone through this material with Father Joshua previously but have not yet finalized plans to be received. You do not have to go through these sessions, unless you want go through them again!)
Many of you have learned quite a bit about Orthodoxy already from various sources, but one challenge is recognizing how balanced and representative those sources may be. What I have worked hard to present is the wide middle way that is clearly marked out as safe and healthy, while avoiding narrow disputes, confusing points of contention, and distractions. 
By the end of this course, you will have a reasonably clear sense of the foundation of Orthodox Christianity and how to be built up together upon that foundation into a dwelling place of God. The rest of your life-time will be cooperating with the Holy Spirit in that construction project.
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