Banner Workshop, Part One - 03/23/14

In March, the children of the Church School began to make a banner that they could carry in church processions. On the most special occasions—Holy Week, Pascha, or our parish feast day—the whole church goes in procession, carrying the cross, candles, icons, and banners. But these banners are far too large and heavy for children to carry; so they will be making one themselves, just their size. 

Yes, the banners in church are too heavy for children!
Elena leads the banner workshop, with help from M. Jenny and Andrew.
Painting a blue background.
Having fun!
Progress on the background.
Now on to the stars.
Drying the background while more stars are added.
The stencils for the first side of the banner.
While the youngsters rest from their labors, others paint the stencils.